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After you beat the Goldenrod City gym, you need to get a watering can from the building next door. Use this on Sudowoodo and you will be able to battle it.

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Q: How do you get past sudowoodo in heart gold soul silver?
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Where so you get rock smash?

which game? silver, gold, crystal, you get it from a man standing northeast of Goldenrod city past the Sudowoodo.

In Pokemon silver how do you get past the wiggly tree?

you get the squirtbottle at the flower shop and water the tree(which is Sudowoodo)

How do you get past sudowoodo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You need to beat the gym in goldenrod then go to the flower shop right next to it.

How do you get past the guys on Route 19?

you can go behind them in heart gold soul silver I'm not so sure good luck

How do you get past the moving tree in Pokemon Silver?

you must water it using either the squirtle bottle, or the water pail, then it will reveal it'self to be a pokemon!sudowoodo

Why wont the guy let you past him to go to the eighth gym in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I think you need to get Lugia (Soul Silver) or Ho-Oh (Heart Gold)

In gold version how do you get past sudowodo?

go to the flower shop after you defeat the gym leader. Then go speak to the little girl by the sudowoodo. After that, go back and talk to the flower lady, and she'll give you a squirtbottle. use that on the sudowoodo and bang boom there ya go

Do you need to beat the Elite Four before you catch Lugia?

In heart gold and in gold you have to wait until you get a certain item to get past the monks in the cave, but in silver and soul silver, you can get lugia after you get the blackthorn gym badge, but you can't get Ho-oh until you beat the elite four

How do you get past the man to the eighth badge in heart gold?

Kill him!

Can you pass Pokemon from other Pokemon games to Pokemon black and white?

Yes you can trade from past Pokemon games...I think only heart gold/soul silver though...

How do you get through the ice cave in SoulSilver?

i known how to get thru there but you will have to go on Google okay and type in this Pokemon soul silver heart gold - how do you get past ice path and then your pretty much out of there

How do you get past the monk in bell tower?

It depends on your game....if you have Soul Silver you get a rambow wing from the guy standing on the hill in Pewter City, if you have Heart Gold you get it from the Kimono girls in Ecruteak City.