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on the radio on Friday is a song on the very (right) called poke B a few times then press A on snorlax (when you've exited out of the menu) and it will wake up

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Q: How do you get past Snorlax on Pokemon Crystal?
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What Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal can learn block?

i think snorlax can

How do you catch Snorlax in Pokemon Crystal?

Black Apricorn: Heavy Ball -- Big enough to catch heavy Pokemon like Snorlax

How do you play song to Snorlax in Pokemon Crystal?

By obtaining pokeflute.

How do you get past Snorlax on pokemon firered?

get the pokeflute.

How do you get the past the sorlax in Pokemon Crystal?

go to your radio and move the dot around until it says poke flute and the snorlax will attack you, I suggest you capture it.

How do you get past the sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

Get the flute

How do you get past the Snorlax by the cycling road in Pokemon fire red?

stuff you snorlax i have been playing for 7 months and cant get past him

How do you get past Snorlax in Pokemon brown?

Use the Poke Flute

How do you wake Snorlax in Pokemon Crystal?

You must get an upgrade for the Radio PokeGear app and use it.

How do you get past the sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon soulsilver?

i dont know for sure, but older games gold, silver, and crystal, you play your radio on pokeflute music or some other music and snorlax wakes up yep your right Hope it helped-- Odd

How can you get to pallet town in pokemon crystal?

A person can get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Crystal by first defeating Snorlax at the cave. Then, proceed to Viridian City, which leads into Pallet Town.

How do you get the radio to work on Pokemon crystal after you have the expasion card?

If you mean for the snorlax, if you have the card, walk up to the snorlax, play the pokeflute channel, and it should work