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Get the HM Waterfall in the ice path then go to victory road click A on the waterfall and your pokemon will go up the waterfall.

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Q: How do you get passed the waterfall in soul silver?
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Do you need to get passed union cave in Pokemon soul silver version?

get the TM surf and waterfall and youll pass it

Where is HM waterfall in soul silver?

HM07 Waterfall is found on the Ice Path.

When can you use waterfall in soul silver?

After you beat the eighth gym you are allowed to use the HM waterfall

How do you get Lugia to come out of the waterfall in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you get a silver wing from a man in kanto.

Where to find hm waterfall in Pokemon soul silver?

you will find waterfall on the 1st floor on ice path

Do you go up the waterfall to get to red in Pokemon soul silver?

Nope. That waterfall at the entrance of the cave is for Moltres

Where do you get waterfall on soul silver?

in the ice cave before the 8th gym

Which Pokemon can learn waterfall in soul silver?

lugia and fregulater and charmander

Which whirl island has the waterfall in Pokemon soul silver?

HM07 Waterfall is found in the Ice Path, not the Whirl Islands.

Where in soul silver can you find a wild shelder?

you can find it at the safari zone gate at the bottom of the waterfall

How do you get up a waterfall in soul silver?

first get the hm out of the ice cave then beat Clair and do what she says

How do you stop the waterfall in the fighting gym in pokemon soul silver?

you must go to the uppermost middle and press a to the lever so the waterfall will be gone and you can battle the gym leader!!!