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If your are taking the elevator up to go see Jasmine(?) and the Amphraos, then yo can't get in, you have to climb the stairs and they will lead you to the center of the room that the girl is in. That is if I remember correctly, not sure if that is what you mean't or not.

Hope I helped.

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Q: How do you get passed a door in the lighthouse on Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you enter the lighthouse in Pokemon Gold?

You walk through the Lighthouse door in Olivine. Is it really not obvious?

How do you get passed the lighthouse in soulsilver?

There is a secret door that looks like a window

How do you battle the seventh gym leader on Pokemon soul silver?

there will be a secret door at olivines lighthouse and it will take you to jasmine then go back to the gym then jasmine will battle you

How do you get to the top of the lighthouse in Pokemon soulsliver?

if you go up as far as you can you will see a door that looks like a window but you can tell the difference. just walk in the door.

How can you find the door of the shrine in dragons den in Pokemon silver?

gold and silver do not have a door to dragon shrine, there is no way to enter it

How do you get to lighthouse in Pokemon Sliver?

on like the third floor one of the windows is actually a door and you can walk out and then proceed upwards

How do you get to the gym leader in the lighthouse soul silver?

Jump off a hidden door that looks like a window.Then keep going up.

Where do you fight the 7th gym leader in Pokemon SoulSilver?

she is at the top of the lighthouse but its hard to get to the top. When you get to the highest floor you can get to go out the window on the right. You will be outside on the side of the lighthouse. go forward and then left. There is a door. go in and keep going up in the lighthouse. Hope it helps!!

How can you cure ampharos in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You need to be able to find Maylene, the gym leader, at the top of the lighthouse. To do so, you must jump out one of the windows in the lighthouse (I think on the 4th floor) and follow the stairs all the way up to the Gym Leader on the top floor. She will ask you to get a SecretPotion from the pharmacy in Cianwood City, and will unlock the door in the top floor of the lighthouse. Go to Cianwood Pharmacy and ask for the potion. Return to Maylene using the elevator in the lighthouse and give her the SecretPotion.

How can you get inside the blackthorn city gym Pokemon Silver?

walk through the door

What's the card key do in Pokemon Soul Silver?

It opens a door to your life @(^-^)@

What is inside the locked door in route 8 in soul silver?

evil Pokemon