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you go to the big cave near the research center then go in it and on the very top wall theres a shining panel go up to it and press a.describe it more

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Q: How do you get page 7 in unown report?
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How do you put unown in the unown report on

When you hatch and unown give it a name and on the right side of the name page there will be a small image that looks like a piece of paper.Click that image and it will take you to an image of unown spelling,then it will be in your unown report.

How do you beat the unown quest on Pokéfarm I hatched some but it didn't fill up the report I know it's something to do with when they hatch?

Once you hatch the Unown, give it a name or choose to keep its original name. Submit your name choice and it will tell you that your Unown is now a part of your farm, like usual. Now, do not click out of that page and go to the Summary! Instead, look around on that current page. You should see a very small sprite that looks like a piece of paper in the right hand corner of the page (below the Daycare navigation button). Click it, and it will tell you you've added a new page to your Unown Report. You need to collect all of the Unown letters to complete the quest. I recommend trading those you don't have and purchasing their eggs at the Egg Supplier, as you have to hatch all of the Unown yourself.

What are the words in the unown report in HeartGold?

the unown say "our friends look up and heartily congratulate us"

How do you complete the unown report in HeartGold?

You have to catch all 26 unown and talk to the scientist a few times for additional pages.

How do you solve the quest of the unknown on pokefarm?

Collect and hatch egg type of unown egg. When the egg is hatched, on the page that asks if you wish to name the pokemon, a small button will appear on the right, kind of like a piece of paper or map. Click this to add it to the unown report.

What happens when you complete the unown report in Pokemon HeartGold?

nothng happens

Is there anything special about the ruins of alph in Pokemon heartgold?

Yes if you complete a puzzle in one of the buidings you go underground you can find UNOWN and capture them and if you speak to one of the people aboveground they will give you an UNOWN Report to regisster the types of UNOWN in.

How do you the unknown report on pokefarm?

You buy the report from the shop and then start collecting only unown eggs and hatching them. Pay attention when hatching them.

If you're formatting a multipage business report how should you number the first page of the report?

When formatting a multi-page business report, you should not number the first page of the report. The first page includes the business's letterhead or contact details. After the first page, page numbers should be at the top of the page.

What happens if you catch all of the unknown in Pokemon soulsilver?

Nothing really; just some information for the unown report... and the pleasure you get!

What is the difference between a report header and a page header in access?

The page header repeats on every page. The report header is just on the first page.

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Yes, a hate page made for a celebrity can be reported. You will need to visit the page and choose to block and report page.