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You cannot get over it until you have been to the pleasure palace. So keep playing the game, and come back to it after you have unlocked all 4 islands etc.

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Q: How do you get over the quick sand in Sims 2 Castaway?
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On the sims 2 castaway for wii how do you get over the quick sand?

You push down one of the ancent pillars on the other side

On sims castaway ps2 how do you die of the quicksand?

quick sand won't kill ur sims but you can simply starve them!!

Where do you find the quick sand sims 2 castaway wii?

You can find quick sand by the entrance of the hidden garden, you have to push one of the columns down to get across it, but you can't get into the garden until you get the crown from behind the throne in the llama temple, you can not collect the quick sand though

In sims 2 castaway where can you find fine sand?

You find it on crystal beach

How do you get pest the quick sand in the sims 2 castaway?

If your talking about the sand on the second island blocking your way, you don't get through that way. You have to find the llama's crown, go in the caves and investigate the door. Once you do that, you'll be able (from the inside) get to the plains.

In the Sims 2 castaway for the Wii where do you get sand?

Fine sand can be found on Crystal island. Which emerges shortly after reaching Volcano island (3rd island)

Where do you get fine sand in sims 2 castaway?

crystal island. Swim to it from the first island after you have done the cerimonial cliff dive

How do you get cabin on sims castaway?

find all the necessary items. to make glass fine sand is on crystal island (swim to it from the first island)

What Do you Do In Crystal Island In Sims 2 Castaway?

the only special thing i found there was fine sand which can be harvested to make glass. other than, that nothing i think...

How do you make glass sims 2 castaway?

All you need to do is collect fine sand on crystal island..once you've collected fine sand you have to go to interior temple and there's a crafting machine there,where you can make a glass..hope this will help..:)

Does Egypt have quick sand?

yes because if they have sand and the Nile river has water they mix to make quick sand and wet sand and mud i do not know

What do you do at crystal beach in sims 2 Castaway for wii?

crystal island is pretty much just recourses. you need to go there to get fine sand which you will need to make glass. If you go to shelters there is a bungalow that needs glass.