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go south from Olivine and enter the first cave. you should be able to find Lugia

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Q: How do you get out from Lugia cave whirl island with out escape cope?
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What item do you need to get Lugia in Pokemon heartgold?

A person in Pewter City will give you the Silver Feather, then go to Whirl Islands. When you get to the end of the cave you will see Lugia.

Where do you get Lugia in Pokemon Yellow?

get a ditto and save your file and go to the altering cave there you can find Lugia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you catch Lugia in Pokemon crystal version?

The first thing you have to do is to get the Silver Wing from an old man in Pewter City in Kanto. Just walk around the town, you will eventually see an old man standing around, Talk to him and he will give you the Silver Wing. Then, go back to the Johto region. Go to Olivine City. Make sure you have Surf, Whirlpool. and Flash i think. Surf all along the east coast down from Olivine City until you get to the Whirl Island that is in the bottom right corner of the sea. Use Whirlpool to access the cave. Light up the cave using Flash. Make your way through the cave by going through the ladders at the top of the cave. Eventually you will get to a cave where there is a large waterfall. Go down the waterfall and as soon as you reach the bottom, turn left and there will be another cave. Lugia will be there at Level 70.

How do you get Lugia in pokemon ss?

To catch Lugia in SS, you should have 8 league badges and a Silver Wing. Then, once you get your 8th badge, go to the Dragon's Den. Go to the middle hut and chat with an old man. Afterwards, go back/fly to New Bark Town. Go inside of Prof. Elm's lab, chat with him and he will give you the master ball. After chatting with Elm, fly to Ecruteak City, go to the Dance Theater, fight with the 5 Konomo/Kinomo Girls, after all the 5 battles, a little girl will run to the Kinomo/Konomo Girls and she'll tell there is happening in Whirl Islands. So, go to Whirl Islands, Go to the location of Lugia, (if you can't find it, there'll be 2 options: keep finding the LOCATION OF LUGIA or if you see a guy/psychic blocking a stairway, he will let you in because you have shown Lugia that you have befriend with Pokemon and Humans and your Silver Wing. Go to the cave below, go inside, and the Kinomo/Konomo Girls will dance in honor of Lugia. (you need surf to reach Lugia)Then, while the Kinomo?Konomo Girls are dancing, Lugia is being summoned in the waterfall. Afterwards, you may catch/defeat Lugia. Just follow every command they say to you that you need to do.

Who are the legendary pokemons in Hoenn region?

The legendaries and where to get them are: Ho-Oh : Navel Rock Lugia : Navel Rock Rayquaza : Sky Pillar Kyogre : Marine Cave Groudon : Terra Cave Mew : Faraway Island Deoxys : Birth Island Regirock, Regice & Registeel : It will take a lot of space to wrie these areas. For details of the above areas visit the websie:

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Have you have been in circles trying to find Lugia went too whirl watevers and still no passage?

lugia is in the whirl island on the top right cave

Where is Lugia in the Whirl Island?

under the rock cave eating a ham sandwhich

How do you get to Lugia?

Go threw the cave in whirl islands

How do find Lugia on silver?

you find lugia in whirl island you need surf and flash to get around but you need the HM whirlpool to get past the whirlpool at the entrance of the cave

What cave do you go to to get lugia?

Whirl Islands, you'll need HM Whirlpool and HM Surf to get there,

Wheres Lugia's cave?

Whirl Islands, go to the upper right island and then when there is a split in the path with the cliffs take the upper one. You must have the silver wing to get to it.

Which cave do you have to go in to find lugia?

the 1 in the bottom right corner, whirl islands!

Where do you get lugia?

go to whirl iland then go in the cave ceep going down intill u see the kimono girls and lugia will be there

Where is the fighting dojo cave?

that is the whirl island

Is there a legendary Pokemon in mt silver?

no their isn't but lugia is in the 4th whirl pool cave or somthing.

What do you do with the silver wing?

The silver wing is used to get lugia in the whirl islands (cave closest to olivine city)

How do you brighten the cave at whirl island?

You need to have flash.