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i dont think you can, theres no platforms for it

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Q: How do you get on top of Foster's home in fusion fall?
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Is fusion fall now open in Asia?

yes its open if you just type fusionfall.Asia you will see coming soon to Asia passific type in Google fusion fall Asia then click the first one on top

Where will you find Thromnambular VII in fusion fall?

On a rock near the zipline on top of the center plateau near a broad canyon creeper

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Where do you find the first snail on fusion fall?

You go to Genius Grove and behind the house where the Professor, Numbuh Five, and Dee Dee are, and you'll find an electrical tower. They'll be two poles going up. Making sure you don't fall off, walk up and the snail will be at the top. The Key hat is in the secret snail area.

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How do you get to the darklands in Fusion Fall?

You'll need an nano with rocket and jump abilities. Go to the NOWHERE, then go to lower catacombs and go to eggplant secret base. Then use combination of rocket and jump abilities. You will be on the top of that wall now go wherever you want (if you fall somewhere use the combination of nanos) I retold you the video from youtube called "Fusionfall exploit"

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