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You can not access Moshi Monsters with out Flash Player. Flash Player is the program that allows Moshi Monsters to work. Flash Player can be downloaded from the web site.

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Q: How do you get on Moshi Monsters without Flash Player?
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How do you play Moshi Monsters without flash?

You can not play Moshi Monsters unless you have Flash Player installed on your device.

How do you get on Moshi Monsters without java flash player?

In order to use the Moshi Monsters website you will need to download, and install, Flash Player from Adobe.

How do you get in Moshi Monsters without flashplayer?

Flash Player is one of the minimum requirements for Moshi Monsters. Without it, you'll not be able to play.

How do you play moshi monsters without Adobe Flash player?

you cant

Why arnt you alowd on moshi monsters with out flash player?

Flash player is needed in order to run the Moshi Monsters website. This is to do with the way the website is made.

Do you need a flash to go on moshi monsters?

Yes, you need Flash Player in order to be able to play Moshi Monsters on your computer.

Can you play Moshi Monsters on a Blackberry?

No. Moshi Monsters requires Flash Player in order to play the game and Flash Player is not available for Blackberries or any SmartPhones.

Will moshi monsters work on Windows 7?

Yes, Moshi Monsters works on any Computer with Flash Player Installed.

Do you have to download Moshi Monsters?

No, Moshi Monsters is an Online game so you do not need to download it. However, you do need to be sure you have the latest Flash Player on your computer.

How do you play Moshi Monsters on iPad?

At this time you can't, Flash Player is not allowed on a iPad.

Can you play moshi monsters on iMac?

Moshi Monsters needs Flash to work and Flash isn't supported on the iPod touch.

Can you get a Moshi Monsters game for free on a Kindle Fire HD?

Depending on what version of Kindle Fire you have, you may not be able to play Moshi Monsters on it. Adobe has stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player for Android, so if you have a newer version of the Kindle Fire, it will not have Adobe Flash Player on it and you will not be able to play Moshi Monsters on your Kindle Fire.