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Cheats! If you want it legit, you need to go into the nether. Sorry!

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Q: How do you get netherrack without going to the nether?
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Can You Find Netherrack Burning Naturally?

The Nether

Can you go to the nether on pe?

No but you can get zombie pigmen, netherrack or glowstone with a nether reactor

Why would you go to the Nether in minecraft?

Going to the Nether you can get unique items only found in the nether and monsters. Items only found in Nether are: Netherrack, Soul Sand and Glowstone. The Mobs only in the Nether as of Minecraft V1.8 Beta are: Ghast and Zombie Pigman.

What are the name of the blocks that you find in the nether in minecraft?

The nether's unique blocks are: Netherrack, Nether Brick (including steps), Nether Fence, Glowstone, Soul Sand.

Can mobs spawn on netherack in minecraft?

Yes, in the Nether Zombie Pigmen spawn on the netherrack but I don't think they spawn on Netherrack in the Overworld.

How do you make an everlasting fire on Minecraft?

get a nether portal and use netherrack

How do you get purple bricks in minecraft pe?

Umm, if you mean nether bricks then you will have to use a nether reactor. While using it you will be encased in netherrack which you can mine then smelt to turn in to nether brick items, then craft them like normal bricks. If you have recently used it then just mine the netherrack. If you have used it prior to 0.6.0, then it makes obsidian not netherrack and you will have to use it again

How do you get nether bricks in minecraft pocket edition?

You need to build the nether core. Here is what you need:4 gold blocks12 cobblestone blocks1 nether core reactorA sword to kill pigmenThe nether core is just a box of Obsidian or Netherrack were you can get the most of the items you can get like glowstone dust, gold ingot, iron ingot, and, for some reason, cactus.

Can you find Netherrack Burning Naturally On Minecraft?

Yes. You can find Nerherrack burning naturally no problem in the Nether. There's a ton of buring netherrack there. Minecraft is Awesome :D

How do you get marble on minecraft?

You cannot get marble without a mod. However, there is quartz. You can find this in the nether. There will be white pieces in the netherrack. If you see that, it is nether quartz ore. Mine is and then place it in 2x2 crafting spaces to make quartz blocks. Hope this helped.

Could you see netherrack in minecraft?

Yes, it's the red 'gravel' in the Nether, most of the scenery is made out of it.

Is there a way you can go to the nether in minecraft pe?

Yes and no. Yes, you can go to a poor excuse for the nether and no you cant go to the real nether. The poor excuse is the nether reactor. It basically puts netherrack around you and spawns LOTS of free items -__- Just break one block of the netherrack and you are outside in the same world. Pathetic i know. Hopefully they add the real nether