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if you can't do your mystery event use this.

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Q: How do you get mystery events in sapphire?
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How does mystrey eventin sapphire work?

The mystery events doesn't work no matter how you try expect by connecting to the Nintendo events for it.

Can you still use mystery gift in Pokemon sapphire?

Yes actually you can use the mystery gift online in Emerald. Enjoy!

Do you have to have a link cable for mystery events on Pokemon sapphire?

no you dont have too. link cables are only for trading and battling with your friends you need to have a gameboy advance wireless adapter to to take part in mystery events.

How do you use the Mystery Events option with the Ruby and Sapphire Version?

Unlike the former Pokemon games Mystery Gift is used for NoA Events only. NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event This is currently the only known reason for Mystery Gift.

When was The Spider Sapphire Mystery created?

The Spider Sapphire Mystery was created in 1968.

What are the special cards for the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Leaf Green and FireRed?

I do not know the answer to this prescise question BUT I DO know mystery events in sapphire. You talk in interview to and say "Mystery events(or airlock) is exciting." SAVE! On the start screen, it says Mystery Events. Unfortunately I think you need E-Readers, and link cables to others with mystery events. This may not be every thing but related (like wonder cards and wonder gift.) Hope I helped! -Angel

What is the ISBN of The Spider Sapphire Mystery?

The ISBN of The Spider Sapphire Mystery is 0-448-09545-9.

How do you get the mystery gift on sapphire?

you can't get it on sapphire. it is an emerald thing.

How do you use mystery events because i have it on sapphire?

whell you have to have a friend if you want to use the mystery event here are a cuple of events * hex event you get celibi * one is you get an eon ticket so in sapphire you get latios * a nother one is you get an old sea map so you can get mew * ok last one is that you get an mystic ticket that takes you to birth island where you get deoxys

Where do you get the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sapphire?

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Sapphire aurora ticket?

mystery gift

How do you get mystery events in Pokemon sapphire?

Go to the pokemon center in petalburg city. talk to the guy by the pc. put in mystery event is exciting. after that save. whenever you turn on the game you will see a new option, mystery event. To contact me please email me at