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trade them in or use a cheat code.

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Q: How do you get multiple exp shares in FireRed?
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Can you level up Pokemon with out rarecandies or EXP Shares?

Yes, you can level up with using Rare Candies as well as Exp. Shares but with Exp. Shares, you need a Pokémon battling regardless of whether it's the Pokémon holding the Exp. Share or not.

Where to find 2 exp shares in diamond?

You can not get two xp shares in Pokémon Diamond (that I know of). You can trade exp shares from other Pokémon games to your Pokémon Diamond Version. That is what I did.

How do you get two exp shares?

trade a Pokemon from another game that is holding exp share to the game that you want it on.

Where to get exp share in firered?

After you catch 50 Pokemon, have Prof. Oak look at your pokedex. He will send an aid with the Exp. Share

Exp share in Pokemon FireRed?

one of Prof. Oak's aide's

What exp level does kaluna have to be to evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Level 10.

How many exp shares are there in Pokemon black and white?


How do you get more exp share's in Pokemon FireRed?

call me at 870 949 1949

Where is the exp share in firered?

Route 14/15 guard house upstairs

Can you get more than 2 exp shares on Pokemon white?


How many exp shares can you get on Pokemon diamond?

only 1 sorry

How do you get expshare in Pokemon tppc?

Exp ShareWhat it does: Shares exp earned with the Pokemon you attached the item to.Pokemon(s) that hold this item:WynautWobbuffet