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Get friezas spaceship

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Q: How do you get mecha frieza in dbz budokai 2?
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How do you get ssj goku in dbz budokai 2?

beat the frieza saga

What game does Super buu absorb frieza?

DBZ Budokai 2

Is there cheats for dbz budokai 2?


Can you play dbz b3 online?

DBZ Budokai 3? no you cant unless there is a internet connect for PSX 2 for DBZ Budokai 3

What game is teen goten in?

DBZ Budokai 3 DBZ Budokai 2 wong teen gohan is there game but teen goten is not ever in dbz game

Can you be ssj4 in dbz budokai 2?


Is Cooler In DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2?

Yes he is in 2

What game has Goku as a kid?

dbz budokai/1/2/3 dbz budokai thenkaich 3 and 2 raging blast etc if u whant more contact me

How do you unlock goku as a kid on dbz budokai 2?

he does not play in it

How do you create a character in DBZ budokai tenkaicki 2?

you cant

What game is after dragon ball z attack of the saiyans?

Yes, there will be. DragonBallZ Infinite world, theres another I don't know about. actually there is going to be a game called dragon ball raging blast for xbox 360 and ps3 which will come out in Nov 10 2009. and for wii there is a game called dragon ball king piccilo's revenge. hope this helped

How do you get gotega on budokai 2?

You can't, because he's not even on that game. But on DBZ: Budokai 3, he's available.