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First, go to SAFFRON CITY. To get past the guard buy any drink on the last floor of CELADON Mart and give it to him. Now you in SAFFRON, go to the highest bulding in city - this is a SILPH CO.Be careful - this building is full of ROCKETS. Go get a card key on the sixth floor and open one of the locked doors. Behind this door there should be a teleporting square that takes you to the seventh floor, to the place where your rival is . His strongest POKEMON is 40L. So defeat him, behind him there should be one guy and another teleporting square. Go talk to the guy and he'll give you a L15 LAPRAS, yay. Then go to the teleporting square, this one will take you to the 11th floor. There should be some rockets there, but after your rival this should be an easy matter. After them open the next door. There is GIOVANNI. His strongest POKEMON is a L43 NIDOQUEEN. After you beat him go talk to the PRESIDENT and he'll give ya a MASTERBALL!!! Easy, huh? PS:Isn't it a pain to always returning to POKECENTER and back to SILPH CO, so there on the 9th floor should be a nurse, it's easier to health up your POKEMON there than in POKECENTER. PSS: Try to open all doors in the building, because in some of them there should be some cool things. PSSS:Hope you'll like playing.

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Q: How do you get master ball in Pokemon Blue?
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Can you transfer master ball?

Yes, if you have a Pokemon hold a Master Ball and then trade the Pokemon, you will have transfered the Master Ball.

How do you get the Master Ball in Pokemon Blue?

By defeating the team rocket leader in saffron city

Where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon Pearl?

where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon pearl

What is the master ball cheat?

trade a friend a pokemon and his pokemon holding a master ball

Can you get a master ball at the Pokemon center?

No, there's no Master Ball available at Pokemon Centers.

Were to get master ball in Pokemon Blue?

Save the silph co. building from team rocket and you will be rewarded with it.

If you catch a Pokemon with a master ball and breed it will it be holding a master ball or not?

no it won't be holding a master ball cos when you used the master ball to catch a certain Pokemon, the master ball will be gone in your inventory because it is a consumable.

If you relese a Pokemon that was caut with a master ball do you get the master ball in Pokemon pearl?

No, you don't get it back.

Can you get a master ball in Pokemon Black?

Yes, you can get a master ball in Pokemon black. You get the master ball towards your last gym battle from Prof. Juniper =)

How do you get 5 Master Balls in Pokemon Pearl?

You can get one Master Ball in your GBA game and then migrate to Pokemon Pearl with a Pokemon holding the Master Ball.

Is there any way to get a master ball after you've used mine in Pokemon red or blue?

No. Unless you cheat

Where can you find a second master ball in Pokemon diamond?

You cannot find a second master ball however you can trade Pokemon to get another Pokemon with a master ball or use an action replay