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Shu Chapter 5-X: Battle of Jie Ting -- Masamune Date (SH5)

OBJECTIVE: Complete the optional missions given

TIPS: 1) Run down the west flank and defeat Zhang Wei and Kojuro Katakura.

2) Now run to the middle and defeat Zhang Xiu

3) They may of reached the middle by now but if they haven't, go and defeat

Tsunamoto Oniniwa and Cao Xing who were down the east flank

4)By this time Dong Xi and Sun Shang Xiang should of reached the middle of the

stage near Magoichi, defeat them and then wait for the message from Masamune

where he says something similar to "Using himself as bate to attack on the

flanks..." this means your ploy was successful and you can now go, defeat

Masamune and unlock him :)

NOTE: Don't rush up the mountain too soon or Magoichi will say something

similar to "Don't make it too obvious" and if you keep going he will say

something like "Ahh no theres nothing for it everyone charge" in which case you

failed your mission. So patience is a virtue unless your can't kill all the

generals ASAP then you don't have to worry about being to fast just watch out

for the "Using himself as bate to attack on the flanks..." message from


hope this helped u.

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Q: How do you get masamune date in warriors orochi?
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