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You need to have a Magmar (I'm not sure where to find it so obtain it in a trade unless you do) and trade it while it holds a Magmarizer.

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Q: How do you get magmortar on Pokemon Platinum?
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What does the magmarizer do in Pokemon platinum?

With The Magmarizer You Can Evolve Magmar into a Magmortar.

What does the magmariser do in Pokemon Platinum?

get a magmar make it hold it then trade it, it will evolve into magmortar

What Pokemon in platinum uses the magmizer?

Magmar. Give it one and trade and it will evolve into a Magmortar

What is the best fire type pokemon in platinum?

I think Infernape,Rapidash, Flareon and Magmortar.

How do you evolve magmar to magmortar on Pokemon platinum?

You have to trade Magmar holding the item Magmarizer.

How do you get magby in Pokemon Platinum?

Breed Magmar or Magmortar, Global Trade Station. There are no wild Magbys.

Where do you find the item that evolves a Magmar to a Magmortar in Pokemon platinum?

The Magmarizer can be found within Route 214.

Can magmortar learn aura sphere on Pokemon platinum?

It can learn it but by tm. Buy it from the Veilstone department store.

What is the best fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

infernape or magmortar I would go with magmortar i disagree. 1infernape 2magmortar 3rapidash 4flareon 5houndoom 6moltres

What is the best Pokemon on platinum without legendaries?

I'd say Garchomp, Gallade, Magnezone, Electivire, Magmortar, or Mamoswine.

How do you evoulve a magmortar in Pokemon platinum?

Im sorry but a magmortor cannot evolve as it is the highest of its evolution. There is no Pokemon to date that has more than four evolution (bar eevee, poliwag, tyrogue and oddish) Magby--->Magmar---> Magmortar. I hope this was helpful.

On Pokemon platinum what level does magmortar learn Fire Blast?

58, but if it helps, you can buy Fire Blast at the Veilstone Department Store