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Here are just a few suggestions, for a few skills.

Combat: Ankou are very good combat training. They can be found on the final floor of the Stronghold of Security

Woodcutting: Willows are the way to go. Try cutting them in draynor, and banking the logs. If this becomes too slow, try cutting maples above Seers villiage bank after level 65.

Fishing: Find a river fishing location, and fish trout/salmon. They're are the fastest experience, from level 60, all the way to 99.

Mining: Find a secluded location with iron ore locations, and mine this. Drop all the ore in your inventory when it is full, for faster experience. Alternatively, members can use this same technique on granite in the desert mining camp.

Cooking: This levels up fast, just buy trout/salmon and cook them in the catherby range near the bank.

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Q: How do you get levels in runescape quickly from 60 to 70?
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