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You must be a member. Go to the port. Go to the shop, Bab's Boutique. In there you can buy the letters. They are called WordScrawl Letters.

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Q: How do you get letters for your wall on Moshi Monsters?
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How do you get big whiting on moshi monsters?

You can find letters to buy for your wall if you are a Moshi Member. These letters are sold at the shop at the Port.

Do you have to be a member to have your name spelled out in your room in Moshi Monsters?

Yes, these wall scrawl letters are sold at the shop at the Port.

What code is it to get the picture of poppet to go on the wall on moshi monsters?

Add me on moshi monsters emmsiemoomoo

How do you get your name on the wall of your Moshi monsters house?

u go to babs boutique in the port and buy the letters u have to be a member

How do you get graffiti on your wall on Moshi Monsters?


How do you get the talking fish on Moshi Monsters?

You can get the Goggle Eyed Wall Trout at Horrod's on Sludge Street in Moshi Monsters.

What are the letters on the super moshi wheel on Moshi Monsters?

every persons is different

How do you get letters for your room on Moshi Monsters?

You can buy letters for your Moshi Monsters room at Bab's Boutique. You have to be a paid Moshi Member because Bab's Boutique is located in The Port. Note: only uppercase letters are available.

Where do you buy letters moshi monsters?

babs boutiouque in the port.

How do you put wallpaper on on moshi monsters?

drag the wallpaper to your wall

Where can you buy moshi monsters wall paper?

You can get Moshi Monsters wall paper for your monster's room at Bab's Botique Bizarre Bazaar DIY Horrods Paws 'n' Claws Yukea

Who are the staff people on Moshi Monsters?

Creator of Moshi MonstersMrMoshi MOnstersHead Community MonsterMiss DinkyAssistant Community MonstersbootsySpooky girluni_cornMagsphi1123Monster Moderation TeamglitteringprizeZip2diskUKindigodevilfrazzledLynnipootedderszubergooberlogicaljemflowermisslupitaTech Monstersmc_arghterriblemrtwranglerneenjarylonGoogenhime Art Gallery Curatorcuratordan12349loola4