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I know you can get them by beating all 4 trainers on the royal unova between Monday and Friday. There is a 50% chance that there is another way, though.

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Q: How do you get lava cookies on Pokemon Black?
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How do you get a lava cookie in black?

If i remember well you can only get lava cookies in emerald sapphire and ruby But really i dont promise im right i am not sure. IVE got pokemon black too

How do you get the lava rock from Pokemon Black and White?

kiss my but

What do you do with the suite key on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You give it to the girl who is locked out of her cabin. She will give you lava cookies

Where are places in Pokemon Black and White that you can get lava cookies?

sadly u must have a lugia samorrott and zekrom go to day CARE man and he'll say hello young man i found this in the Pokemon daycare and poof there it was would u like it say yes and its yours

Were can you find a lava cookie in Pokemon black?

it's only avalible in Hoenn region

Is there any types of cookies in Pokemon diamond?

As far as I know, you can get a Lava Cookie from the lady who is looking for her Suite Key, near the east of Pastoria City.

Were Can you buy a lava cookie in Pokemon Black?

You cannot buy the Lava Cookie in Pokémon Black however you can get it as a gift by riding the Royal Unova on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays and beating the 4 trainers that will be on board.

Where do you get timerballs in Pokemon FireRed?

On Two Island talk to the shopkeeper if you have progressed through the game enough he will sell timerballs as well as other items like repeatballs and lava cookies.

What does lava plume look like on Pokemon?

it looks like the pokemon is bursting lava out from its body.

Do chinchillas like lava bites?

They taste like the satanic cookies, Hellish

Which Pokemon can do lava claw?

none can

What are some fake Pokemon games?

Pokemon Chaos Black, Pokemon Shiny Gold, Pokemon Purple Poisen (created by ME!!) Pokemon Aqua, Pokemon Diamond GBA,Pokemon Pearl GBA, Pokemon Quartz, Pokemon Frosty (WARNING: Mature Language), Pokemon Diamond 2 , Pokemon lava REd (created by me) and Pokemon Toxic