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You can't, It is only obtainable in Pokemon Black or White.

But if you want one in Black or White, a Pokemon ranger will give you an egg of a Larvesta in Route 18 so remember to make room for it!

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Q: How do you get larvesta in Pokemon Platinum?
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What type of Pokemon is Larvesta?

Larvesta is a Bug and Fire type pokemon.

What Pokemon evolves from larvesta?

Larvesta evolves into Volcarona.

What level does larvesta evolve in pokemon?

Larvesta evolves at level 59 in both Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

How does larvesta evolve in Pokemon Black?

Larvesta evolves starting at level 59 in Pokemon Black.

What is the national pokedex number for Larvesta?

Larvesta is #636 in the national pokedex, and it is a Bug-Fire type Pokemon.

What level does larvesta evolve in Pokemon white or black?

Larvesta evolves into Volcanra once it reaches level 59

What eggs are in Pokemon Black?

You can get a Larvesta Egg in a house in Route 18, if you have surf. Larvesta evolves to Volcarona, which is a really strong pokemon, but it needs a lot of training.

What level does the Pokemon Larvesta evolve?

level 59.

When does larvesta evolve in Pokemon black?

It evolves at Lv59.

Who evolves first Larvesta or Zweilous?

Larvesta evolves before Zweilous. Larvesta evolves at level 59, while Zweilous evolves at level 64 (the latest of any Pokemon that evolves by level).

What does Larvesta evolve to in Pokemon White?

Volcarona (Bug/Fire)

What level does larvesta evolve at in Pokemon white?

It evolves at Lv59.