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You can get Keldeo from a special event. It's by using the Mystery Gift.

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Q: How do you get keldeo in Pokemon white?
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Is keldeo a real Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?

Keldeo is a real pokemon. Incidentally, keldeo was introduced in Pokemon Black and White.

How do you get keldeo in black and white?

When is there going to be a keldeo mystery gift in pokemon black and white.

Where do you get keldeo in Pokemon white?

Keldeo is obtained only through an event

How do you get keldeo on Pokemon white?

Keldeo is a special event pokemon, and can only be obtained by a special upcoming event.

Where can you find keldeo in Pokemon White?

Keldeo is an event Pokemon whose event hasn't arrived yet.

Can you breed keldeo in Pokemon White?

No, you cannot breed Keldeo in Pokémon White because it's a Legendary Pokémon

Where can you find a keldeo in Pokemon White?

You cannot find Keldeo in Pokémon White because it is not available in the game. Keldeo is an event-only Pokémon and it has not been released.

Can you catch keldeo in Pokemon White?

its an event only pokemon or by ar

What season does pokemon white have to be on for the keldeo event?

all of them

When is keldeo going on in mystery gift in Pokemon Black white?

ok Keldeo is out in Japan..but probably around Autumn this year, when pokemon black/white 2 comes out.

Where do you find a keldeo in Pokemon X?

By Transferring the Pokemon from your Unova games. That is, unless you can convince someone to trade you theirs.

Where to get keldeo from Pokemon Black and White?

Keldo comes in pokemon black and white version 2