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To get to the snowpoint city temple you have to beat the Pokemon legue champion first

you also need to have regirock, regice and registeel but to have these Pokemon you will have to trade from ruby, emerald or sapphire

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Q: How do you get into the snowpoint temple on pearl?
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In Pokemon pearl how do you you get into snowpoint temple?

It is at the top of Snowpoint City!!!

Where do you find regi gas in Pokemon pearl?

BF4 in Snowpoint Temple

Where do you get reggie king on pearl?

You find Reggie King at the bottom of Snowpoint Temple

How do you get through Snowpoint temple on the bottom floor on pearl?

ask my brother, Jeffrey

Where is the rigis in pearl?

their are no regies in pearl or diamond besides regigigs but u need the three regies to get him in the snowpoint temple.

Where is snowpoint temple on Pokemon sapphire?

You Can't... that's in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

Where to catch Regigigas in Pokemon pearl?

you need to go to snowpoint city and go to snowpoint temple BUT to get in YOU NEED TO GET THE THREE REGIES HOPES THIS HELPS:)

Where do you find jynx in pearl the game?

After obtaining th national pokedex go to snowpoint city & enter snowpoint temple Jynx & smoochum are in there

Where is the ice cave in Pokemon pearl?

The ice cave is located in Snowpoint City, the Snowpoint temple. The Snowpoint temple is the cave were the legendary golem Regigigas. The player will need the three legendary golem Regiice, Regirock, and Registeel to awaken Regigigas.

Where to find regigigas in pearl?

He's in the Snowpoint Temple but you need regirock, registeel, and regice to catch him.

Is Dialga in the snowpoint temple?

Nohe is not a snowpoint temple even though i never been to the snowpoint temple. i have Dialga.Regigigas is.

When are you able to enter the temple in snowpoint city in Pokemon pearl?

as soon as you become the sinnoh league champion