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The lost tribe members quest. Also Death of Dorgeshuun quest.

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Q: How do you get into the goblin maze on RuneScape?
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How can you get a goblin armor?

Kill any goblin around Runescape, the Goblin Mail is a drop from them.

Where is the goblin tower in RuneScape?

there is no goblin tower there are 1 town west of barbian village

Who fits in goblin mail on runescape?

No Humans can fit in a goblin mail, only goblins can

In runescape how do you finish the quest goblin diplomancey?

get goblin mail (2) dye them blue and brown give them to the goblin general

Where do you find goblin armor on runescape?

you kill a couple of goblins they willeventually give you a goblin armoursign:dragwolf56

How do you complete goblin diplomacy on RuneScape?

For help on quests, try using the RuneScape Wiki

Where are the goblins RuneScape?

evrywhere especially in the goblin village

What items can be dyed in runescape?

capes and goblin mail

How do you repell a goblin?

You can't in Runescape--you can only fight them.

How do you get pass the shelves in the lumbridge castle cellar in runescape?

You have to be a member and have started the quest where you find the goblin tribe. On the other side is a maze in which to get to this tribe where you can mine silver&iron. After another quest in the series you can access the underground city.

Where are the generals for goblin diplomacy on RuneScape?

In the very back house of Goblin Village, search it on the map if you don't know where it is

Where can you get orange goblin armor in runescape?

get yellow and red dye, use them on each other, and use it on goblin mail