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there's no distortion world in Pokemon diamond, but you can catch Giratina in turn-back cave at level 70 but it is very confusing however when you see the third pillar the next entrance will have Giratina 100%
he will know shadow force, heal block, earth power and slash and the ability is most likely pressure meaning if you use a move against it, pp goes down by 2 rather than 1

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Q: How do you get into the distortion world in Pokemon diamon?
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How do you get in the distortion world in Pokemon Pearl?

No, only in Pokemon Platinum do you get the distortion world.

Where is the distortion in Pokemon Pearl version?

The Distortion World is exclusive to Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get Pokemon from diamon to Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't.

Where is gartena in Pokemon platinum?

It is at Distortion World.

Where do you get guaritina in Pokemon platinum?

DisToRtIOn WoRLd

How do you get to Cyrus in Distortion world in Pokemon Diamond?

Well, first of all if you're playing Pokemon diamond then you can't even go to the distortion world. You can only do this in Pokemon platinum.

Where can i foud ivsaur in Pokemon diamon for my natinal pokedex?

you can foud ivsaur in Pokemon diamon in route 225 for your natinal pokedex

On Pokemon platinum how do you find a girtina?

While playing through the story you will end up in the distortion world with Cynthia. in the distortion world you will have to battle Cyrus after beating him Cynthia will heal your Pokemon. then you will be able to find giritina, in the distortion world.

Can you get Rotom in Pokemon diamon?


Can you get mew in Pokemon diamon?

NO you cant

What Pokemon are in the distortion world?

apart from Giratina none.

How can you catch girantia in Pokemon platinum?

You get it in the distortion world