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you can't go in those... but in the left one i think you can... in the left one i think you battle the maids EVERYDAY and you can probably get into the left one

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Q: How do you get into the blocked doors on the left and right side of the trophy garden in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is trophy garden on Pokemon diamond?

The Trophy Garden in Pokemon Diamond is located behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212. Many rare Pokemon may be encountered and caught only in the Trophy Garden.

Where is the trophy garden in Pokemon diamond?

In Hearthome

Where to get Pichu in Pokemon diamond?

you get it at trophy garden

What route do you find Trophy Garden on Pokemon pearl and diamond?

In Pokemon diamond and pearl the trophy garden is located on route 212. Glad to answer your question!

How do you get Porygon on Pokemon diamond?

you have to go to where the trophy garden is.

Where do you get Pikachu in Pokemon diamond?

Run as much as you can in trophy garden!go to trophy gardens !

How do you get pekatue in Pokemon Diamond?

PIKACHU is found in the trophy garden

Where do you find Pickachu in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

trophy garden

How can you catch a Pichu?

in pokemon pearl/diamond it is in the trophy garden

How do you get a Castform in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find the Pokemon Castform in the Trophy Garden in Pokemon Diamond, although it is a pretty rare chance.

Where are Porygons in Pokemon diamond?

In the trophy garden, they are extremely rare though

Where is the Trophy garden Pokemon diamond?

its in the mansion to the south of heart home