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what house in what area there is 50 thousand old ladys

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Q: How do you get into old ladys house in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Pokemon leaf green-How do you get to the back roomin old ladys house?

You can't go back there at all.

On Pokemon firered how do you get past the boxes in the old ladys house?

There is an old lady's house in Pokemon FireRed that has some boxes you can get past. The only way to get past them is to use the E reader hardware device.

Where do you find a crested fireback?

in an old ladys house

In Pokemon LeafGreen were is the explore kit?

the explorer kit is in some old dudes house in viridian

Where do you get Jynx in leafgreen?

the only way you can get a jynx in leafgreen is to trade your poliwhirl with an old man's jynx. you can get that old man in a house beside the pokemon centre of cerlulean city!

Where do you get the old rod in Pokemon LeafGreen?

a house in fuschia city from the fishing guruthe old rod is in vermillion city the house beside the poke center

How do you get past the boxes in the old ladys house on Pokemon firered?

As much as it pains me to tell you this, it is not possible, i.e. it has never been done and I cant figure out how to do it

How do you get a jynx LeafGreen?

trade a poliwhirl to the old guy in the house next to the pokemon center in misty's city

How do you get into the back of the old ladys house on seven island?

u have to have an e-reader.

How do you get old rode in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to go to vermilion city, go to the house on the left side of the Pokemon center, talk to the fishing guru and, voila, you have the old rod

How do you hm strength on Pokemon perl?

go to the old place with gastly and go the top and talk to the old ladys

In Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen how do you go through the door on Seven Island in the house with the old person?

Walk through the wall.

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