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I'd just use a walkthrough because there to much stuff to write on this plus you get to know what order to things in.

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Q: How do you get into hades gate mythology island?
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Where is Hades on Mythology Island?

Hades is in the underground

Where do you find hades offering in mythology island?

On the island

What island was Hades riding in his chariot?

Mythology island :)

How do you open the gate for hades on mythology island?

Go on top of the Sphinx and there will be a sign click on the pomegranates and go to the Hades realm put the pomegranates on the stool and that's when it will take you to the river of STYX

What do you give to hades on mythology island?

a pomagranete

Where do you get the meat on mythology island?

well you have to get it from hades

Where is cerbus on Mythology Island on poptropica?

he is where hades is

How many rounds are there in Hades on Mythology Island?


How do you unlock the gate on mythology island?

To unlock the gate on Mythology Island, you need to find and collect five sacred items: The Golden Apple, Hydra's Scale, Poseidon's Trident, Aphrodite's Token, and Hades' Crown. Once you have all five items, return to the gates and use them to unlock the gate and progress in the game.

What do you give to the altar in Hades' realm on mythology island?

a pomengranite

How do you get a drachma from hades on mythology island?

Clean the graffiti on his house.

What do you use the pomegranates for on mythology island?

It is the offerig that pleases hades