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you have to got to sky sanutary and under the hook there are the super emerald

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Q: How do you get hyper sonic in sonic fgx?
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How do get hyper shadow in sonic fgx?

if you are talking about super shadow you have to get super sonic but hyper shadow you cant i don't even think he is a sonic character

Where can you get Hyper Shadic in Sonic FGX?

by typing shadic then when it says whats your characters name type hyper shadic

How do you download sonic fgx game?

you just type :sonic fgx download:

How do you activate hyper sonic in sonic fgx because whehever I try only change into super sonic?

In order for the "C button code" to work, you have to first find the super emeralds in Sky Sanctuary.

How do you get Super Sonic 5 on Sonic fgx?

sonic 5

What is the site to download sonic fgx insted of yoyo games?

hkskjt5 sonic fgx 2 games is all rig

Where do you download sonic fgx?


What do you press to turn into super Sonic in Sonic FGX?


Is there an easy way to unlock dark sonic in sonic fgx?


How do you get super Sonic in Sonic fgx?

Collect all chaos emeralds.

How do you unlock Silver in Sonic FGX?

Play as sonic shaow and knuckles

Where to download sonic fgx?