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Well, it really depends on the level, Have the following badge to have the certain obedience lv. Eg if u have a level 22 but only 1 badge it will not obey u, but it u have 2nd badge it will obey u UNTIL LV 30! unless u have 4 th gym badge) Get it? 20-30 2nd Gym badge 30-50 4th Gym Badge 50-70 7th Gym badge (some games 6 badges) 1-100 Last badge (have every badge) Hope i helped.

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Q: How do you get high leveled Pokemon to obey you?
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Why do high leveled Pokemon disobay you?

you need to have badges such as:rainbow badge makes all Pokemon up to lv 50 obey you.

How do you get very high leveled Pokemon in ruby?

You can find high leveled Pokemon at sky pillar and victory road.

Why don't some Pokemon listen to you in Pokemon emerald?

It is because you do not have the correct gym badge. The gym badges typically allow you to control higher level Pokemon, a symbol of you mastery, if you will, and without this symbol, some Pokemon will not see a need to obey you.

What is a capture rate on Pokemon?

it all depends on the Pokeball, HP, level, and the Pokemon for example, normal Pokeball - Low chance on a high leveled pokemon, but good on a low leveled pokemon Greatball - Really good on low leveled pokemon, but pretty decent on high leveled ones Ultraball - GREAT on low levels, really good on high levels Masterball - 100% also, with the Generation IV new pokeballs, it depends on time, location, and times captured(Repeat Ball)

How do you help the girl and her slowbro in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't help her, she's just there as an example of disobedient Pokemon. (Pokemon become disobedient if you've leveled them too high before getting the badge that allows Pokemon to obey that certain level (i.e. cascade badge grants obedience from any Pokemon up to level 30))

How many levels does a flaaffy gain if you leave it at the day care for a night on Pokemon heart gold?

Depends on the level it started with. If it is low leveled it will level up more than if it is high leveled. If it is high leveled it might not level up at all.

Where are high level Pokemon inSapphire?

High leveled Pokemon are in the victory road and there are also a couple in the safari zone near lilcove city : ) Hope this helps

How do you train high leveled pokemon in pokemon white?

if u mean black and white then just find audino's in shaking grass

What level should your Pokemon be for the 6th unova gym?

36 or higher, but it will be hard to be high leveled if you're using many Pokemon.

What to do if your pokemon won't obey you?

It's due to to high a level and not enough badges. The more badges you have, the higher level pokemon will obey. A level 100 will not obey until all of the gyms have been beaten.

How do you get good strong Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire not Groudon or kyogre?

go to the sky pillar u get high leveled Pokemon and also a rayquaza up for grabs

Can you evolve togepi Pokemon gold?

Yes, Togepi evolves into Togetic when leveled up with high friendship.