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Highlight the perk, press square (or whatever button for your console) and read about the challenges required.

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Q: How do you get hardline pro on black ops?
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What does hardline pro do on Call of Duty Black Ops?

it makes kill streaks 2 kills less

What is hardline pro in call of duty black ops?

This allows you to change a care package once per package.

What does hardline pro do on cod black ops?

You get to change your care package. For example if you get amo, you can change it to a spy plane

How do you change a airdrop in Call of Duty Black Ops?

If you mean like a care package then it requires Hardline Pro.

How do you change the care package on Call of Duty Black Ops?

get hardline pro get a care package double tap square or X to change it

How do you get better carepackages in black ops?

you cant force car packages to be better but you can use hardline pro to ''reroll'' the package, changing its contents

How ou get a mini gun in black ops?

Set your kill streaks to care package then get 5 kills (4, if you are using Hardline) then hopefully you will get a death machine. If you got Hardline Pro you got two attempts to get it. I got 3 death machines in one combat training match while using Hardline Pro.

How do you changes kills required for kill streaks?

You cant. When you get kills, that will add to your kill streak. Unless you have hardline pro (black ops), Which decreases the number by one.

How do you get the RC car in black ops wii?

To get the rc-car in black ops wii you have to get a three kill streak. if you have hardline you can get it in two kills.

What is a hardline in Call of Duty black ops?

It is a Perk used to gain a killstreak with one less kill. Very use full if you choke under pressure to get your killstreak. Hardline Pro gives access to change the care package drop to another random thing.

Can you get rcxd in black ops?

Absolutely, it is the reward for a 3 kill-streak, or 2 with hardline on.

How do you customize care packages in black ops?

if you do hardline perk you can change care packages.