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No. I'm sorry 2 say that I cannot possibly answer this question, as I have just recently started playing halo reach and do not know a lot about it.

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Q: How do you get halo Reach maps in CE Anniversary?
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How many levels are in halo CE anniversary?

there are three levels in halo CE anniversary

Which halo comes after halo reach?

In the Halo Universe, Halo CE. In reality, Halo 4.

Can you get halo on the PS3?

No sorry, Halo is a Microsoft Game meaning it is only available on Microsoft Products, Windows and XBOX 360. Halo 1+2 are released on the original XBOX and Windows and Halo 3, ODST, WARS, REACH, 4 and CE Anniversary are only on the 360.

What is the next halo game?

Halo: Reach was the last game made by Bungie and was released on September 14, 2010. In it the setting will be on Planet Reach, a planet inhabited by humans. You play as Noble Six in Noble Team which is a group of Spartan 3s and one Spartan 2. The events take place in the Fall of Reach, about 20 years before Halo: CE. Microsoft will be making the new Halo games but they're probably just going to screw up the fun. -.- It's not 20 years before CE! It's less than a month before the events of Halo CE. The Pillar of Autumn escapes Reach and after carrying out the Cole Protocol finds Halo and Keyes decides to land on it. Read your books, and play your games. the guy who wrote the second awnser is right. the order of the games should be; halo reach- halo 1- halo 2- halo 3 & halo 3 ODST.

Can you download huge maps for Halo Trial?

No you can't download huge maps for the halo trial. The maps that are on there are all there is. Even if you could, you would have to buy the full version of Halo to make it work. However there are map conversions of Halo CE Maps and also even the silent Carthographer Map (The island) for Halo Trial. I can give you the download link for the map but not for the others as it isn't very legal, for the other maps. Just to tell you there is the Halo CE Maps Seclusion and also Yoyorast Island and even better, the Halo 2 Maps Coagulation for Halo Trial. But their not legal and I won't give you the link. sorry. There is also a brand new map created by Queen Ann's Revenge which is called Avast,but it isn't really a big map. The Island: Avast: Sorry once again as I cannot give you the download links for the other maps as they are illegal. However, you can download other mods (not Maps) from my Mediafire Account: ;)

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Can you download the halo ce maps to halo reach?

as part of the release of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary a few maps for matchmaking were released for Halo Reach I think the dlc is about 1200 Microsoft points

How many levels are in halo CE anniversary?

there are three levels in halo CE anniversary

Will halo reach have a third map pack?

Yes, it just came out. It is called the Anniversary map pack and has 5 maps from Halo Combat Evolved. The maps are Ridgeline, High Noon, Penance, Breakneck, Solitary, and Battle Canyon. There is also a firefight map from Halo CE's campaign called Installation 04. The map pack costs 1,200 Microsoft Points but is really worth it. You can also get the map pack also by buying a NEW copy of Halo CE Anniversary which is $40. If you buy Halo CE Anniversary used there is a low chance of getting an unused code for the map pack.

Is gravemind in halo anniversary?

Is gravemind in Halo CE? There's your answer.

Can yo use energy swords in Halo Combat Evolved anniversary?

You could not pick up Energy Swords in Halo: CE, so you can't in Anniversary's Campaign. In Anniversary Multiplayer, however, you can pick up the Energy Sword on maps that have it.

Is Halo Combat Evolved going to come in 2 discs?

I'm guessing you mean Anniversary. No. Its going to come with Halo CE and a card for Reach multiplayer.

Will Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary have the exact same gameplay as the original Halo Combat Evolved?

At this precise moment, it is currently unknown. Halo CE Anniversary will, however, use the original halo's campaign levels, but will use the multiplayer system and indeed servers from Halo: Reach.

How do you download halo ce maps on halo ce?

Go on youtube or Google and look for videos showing you how to.

Which halo comes after halo reach?

In the Halo Universe, Halo CE. In reality, Halo 4.

What is halo ce?

Halo ce or custom edition is a version of halo combat evolved online allowing player created maps to be used in battles online you can get this version of halo ce from or .com i cant remember which one. Once there go to halo ce maps, then search the page for halo ce download. ---__________________________________________________________________-Halo 1 free: Ce free:

Where are all the terminals in halo CE anniversary?

download the map pack

What is halo anniversary about?

It's halo ce but with fixed graphics (better graphics) and it's for xbox 360