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Catching Gulpin can be done in multiple ways, but the simplest is this--once you've obtained the National Pokedex, go to the Pastoria Marsh Safari Game. You can randomly skit around the park, or use the binoculars. (I used the binoculars and didn't see anything, but when I just randomly walked around, I found two!!)

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Q: How do you get gulpin in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get a gulpin on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Pastoria Great Marsh

What type of Pokemon is gulpin?

Gulpin is a Poison type pokemon.

How do you get gulpin in Pokemon platinum?

It is possible to get the Pokemon Gulpin in Pokemon Platinum version by going to the Great Marsh. Gulpin is a poison type of Pokemon.

Pokemon Pearl gulpin?

you can find one in pastoria city's great marsh but its very rare so check the marsh every day and you may find a gulpin. Hope i helped!

Is gulpin real from Pokemon?

yes gulpin is real

What does gulpin evolve into in Pokemon emerald?

Gulpin evolves into Swaloti at level 26 in Pokemon emerald

Where do you get gulpin in Pokemon Ranger?

i don't think gulpin IS in Pokemon ranger 1 0r 2. sorry!

What goo Pokemon is there in Pokemon Platinum?


Where is the gulpin link shop on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

The gulpin link shop is at the southeast of Pokemon square.

On what level does Gulpin evolve on Pokemon Sapphire?

Gulpin evolves into Swalot at LV.26

What is the national pokedex number for Gulpin?

Gulpin is #316 in the national pokedex, and it is a Poison type Pokemon.

Can gulpin evolve on level 27?

if you do not know ,type this website on google pokemon diamond and pearl pokemonit should work i always use it hope you have fun!