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Play Games And Make Games comment on game and review games. As much as possible each day or in a row.

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Q: How do you get good badges on gamestar mechanic?
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How do you get more sprites on gamestar mechanic?

you do quests

What are the gamestar mechanic cheat codes?


What is the code in gamestar mechanic to get life-time premium?

There is none but some how i ended up getting it when i logged on there was a message here it is:Messages« Older Newer » BACK TO INBOX Gamestar Mechanic TeamLifetime Premium Access ConfirmationSep 14th, 2012Dear Gamestar Mechanic User,We just wanted to send you a quick note to confirm that we have completed the changes to the Gamestar Mechanic pricing structure that we announced last month.Your premium Gamestar Mechanic subscription has been converted to lifetime access to all the premium content and features you previously had access to. You will continue to have access to the premium content and features for as long as you maintain your Gamestar Mechanic account and you will not be charged any subscription renewal fees in the future (even if you were previously on a subscription plan that was set to automatically renew).Best regards,-The Gamestar Mechanic Team

What is all the reedem codes from gamestar mechanic?

pooop and pee

What are all the gamestar mechanic redem codes?

Lol no codes for you!

What are all the 2014 gamestar mechanic redeem codes?


How do you fix too few keys on gamestar mechanic?

put everything everywhere

How do you get spooky sprites on gamestar mechanic?

giving an amazon gift card

What is gamestar mechanic?

It is a fun online system where kids (and teens) can learn how to make games.

What are the ranks in gamestar mechanic?

Tourist, Newbie, Intern I-V, Novice I-V Then I don't know.

How do you get all the spooky sprites in gamestar mechanic?

You have to do the Spooky Challenge in your workshop. Just go down a bit. Hope it helped!

How do you get the hidden goal block in gamestar mechanic?

You must have the full game and it is in the first mission of Dungen Of the Rouge second bonus mission

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