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something called ditto glitch that is supposed to do something like that but i dont know how

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Q: How do you get golem on Pokemon Blue without trading?
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How do you get the blue fossil Pokemon in Pearl without trading?

You need to dig in the underground.

Where do you find an ekans in Pokemon Blue?

You can't find Ekans in Pokemon Blue. You have to get it by trading from Pokemon Red.

Out of Pokemon Yellow blue and red which one should I get?

It is based on personal opinion but i recomend yellow as it allows you to get all 3 starter Pokemon without trading and has more features than red or blue

Can you get the 150 pokemon on the yellow version without trading?

No you can't you have to trade with other real from pokemon green blue or yellow. Some pokemon evolve only when traded like cadabra.

Can you catch mew in Pokemon Gold Version without trading from red blue and yellow?

yes if its on computer by using cheats on the cheat cartridges

Trading Pokemon from blue version to ruby version?

not possible

How do you catch Gengar in Pokemon Blue without a cord?

You can't, you can only obtain one by trade, either by trading one diredtly or trading for a Haunter, which will evolve when it arrives. So you need a cord.

I have Pokemon heart gold and got the blue do you get a red orb without trading?

You Cant, Only In Soul Silver Groudon Must Be Traded To Get Rayquazza

What is the code for the blue assault pack on Pokemon trading card game?


What Pokemon can't you catch on Pokemon red and blue without trading with another game boy this doesn't include the people already in the game eg. The two starter Pokemon you didn't choose etc.?

Any Pokemon that isn't in the Kanto Region. I agree with the guy above me.

How do you get Charizard in Pokemon Blue?

You can get Charizard in Pokemon Blue by trading with a friend who has Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow or starting out with a Squirtle from Proffesor Oak and evolving it at Level 16 to get a Charmeleon, then evolving the Charmeleon at Level 36 to get finally get Charizard.

How do you evolve haunter into Gengar in mystey dongeon blue?

in any Pokemon you evolve haunter by trading