How do you get golden guns on cod4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Okay, In Cod4 there should be FIVE types of gun classes.

1. Assault

2. SMG

3. LMG

4. Shotgun

5. Sniper

When you get 150 headshots on each GUN, you get a colour called red tiger. Once you get red tiger for all the guns in one class, you unlock a GOLD gun.

There is one gold gun ONLY in each gun class, a total of FIVE.

Here is a list of the golden guns you can get:

1. Assault = AK-47 (You need a total of 1050 headshots)

2. SMG = Mini-Uzi (You need a total of 750 headshots)

3. LMG = M60E4 (You need a total of 450 headshots)

4. Shotgun = M1014 (You need a total of 300 headshots)

5. Sniper = Dragunov (you need a total of 750 headshots)

That's it :),

P.S - i have a golden sniper ;)

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Q: How do you get golden guns on cod4?
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How do you get golden guns in COD4?

you have to get 150 headshots with all of the guns in that class. Eg: Get 150 headshots with all the smg and then you will get a golden mini uzi

Who likes cod4 for ps3?

its has gold guns and it is the best THE BEST

How do you get the golden desert eagle in cod4?

To get the Desert Eagle you got to be a level 43 and the golden camo is level 55.

What is golden guns on cod?

It's guns with a golden camo.

Will you be able to but the golden guns in red dead redemption?

You have to earn the golden guns

Are there golden guns in Call of Duty World at War?

No there is not golden guns in World at war.

What is the easiest golden gun to get in COD4?

The easiest gold gun to get is the gold desert eagle, you reach it when you turn to level 55.

How do you get the golden dragonov in cod4?

You Have To Complete ALL the sniper marksman challenges with all the sniper rifles to unlock the gold Dragunov.

Are there golden guns in Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2 by default has no golden guns, unlike it's predecessor.

How do you you get banned for getting golden guns MW2?

you have to hack it to get gold guns

Will mw3 have golden guns?


Is there a way to shoot without recoil on cod4 online for ps3?

only for lmgs but for some guns there us no recoil like the m4 carbine