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Sell what ever items you get from stage 53,(item farming). Try Getting mages to help you if your new to it. Alternatively, there is a very easy method of getting about 100g/minute alone (depending on your computer speed). *NOTE* This takes events into consideration, as you can get event points as well. If you want pure gold, use boss wars. You need two computers and two accounts. Have your slower computer using the account on which you want to farm gold (Account A) and host a team deathmatch game (preferably using stadium) and your faster computer using an expendable account you don't care about (Account B). If both computers are the same speed, use the one you are most comfortable with on B. Join the room with B, and start the match. Leave the room with B and immediately rejoin. Repeat this as many times as you want.

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* Note

* Usually, there is a a fair amount of time between when the "WIN" message disappears (initiating the start of the next round) and the time it takes for B to actually appear in the game field after rejoining.

* If no or suspiciously regular activity (jumping once in a while) is detected on A, Softnyx may boot your character out of the room, to the room selection list. You may use the spare time stated above to make some random movements (maybe hit your other character) to stay in the game.

* You can farm exp using the same method, with solo deathmatch.

* Playing Golem with yourself is not viable, due to the amount of gold/exp given in comparison to the time it takes.

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Q: How do you get gold fast in rakion?
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