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Yes you can. BUTTT the only way to do this is....

Step 1: Disconnect from xbox live or psn or whichever system you are on.

Step 2: Delete the title update from your console.

Step 3: You need a modded GPD.

Step 4: Put the modded GPD into your profile.

Step 5: Load OFFLINE Zombies and enjoy the mods.

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Q: How do you get god mode on black ops zombies kino der toten?
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How many players can play splitscreen zombies in black ops?

well there is a way to play FOUR players on kino der toten.... on your xbox go to dashboard then to memory delete the black ops UPDATE...start the game you will need to have the arcade zombies mode unlocked for this to work,NOW all players must press a beffore you start the arcade game once the game loads and you start playing player two or three or four must log in to any acount that is not being used after you do that you will get a message just push ok...push cancel on the update... first or the player who was logged in first go to kino der toten zombies and just press start if you did everything correct you will notice that before you start the game, on the lower right corner it wil say 4/2 players....have fun

Is the zombies mode in black ops scary?

At Night Maybe....But Not really

Does call of duty modern warfare 2 have zombie mode?

No they do not have Zombie Mode a Map where you have only Zombies. Those are for World at War and Black OPs apparently yes but you kill zombie dogs and different zombies not nazi zombies

How do you get UFO mode in cod black ops zombies?

it has to be on PC and u just type in on developer hacks "UFO mode on"

What is the highest round on black ops zombies?

There is no end to the Zombies rounds so there can not be a highest round. The rounds or levels keep coming until you die. Zombies (also and originally known as Nazi Zombies) is a survival-type game mode. {see related link Zombies (mode)} That means you can not win and just try to see how long you can survive.

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Where is the famas on call of duty black ops zombie mode on kino der toten?

Unfortunately there is not a Famas in Kino. I wish there was but there isn't.

Will there be Nazi zombies for black ops for wii?

The wii version is exactly the same as console versions but without kill cams or theatre mode Also, there is only one Nazi Zombie area. it's Kino Der Toten, The others are regular zombies.

How to find a glitch in cod black ops zombies mode kino der toten?

usually treyarch bands the glitches online but in solo and split screen they cant band them. But u can find the on youtube. That's the basic source

Does call of duty black ops for wii have a zombie mode?

Yes there is look up on youtube 'black ops zombies wii' to find out.

How many discs are they on kino der toten zombies black ops?

The Wii PS3 Xbox 360 and PC all have the game on the Black Ops. "Kino der Toten (German for "Cinema of the Dead") is a Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The map is automatically unlocked for play at the start of the game, and takes place in an abandoned theater. The map introduces some new components to the Zombies mode, including Crawler Zombies and the Fire Pit trap. The Thundergun is introduced in this map. The cast of Shi No Numa and Der Riese return as the playable characters: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen."quoted from related link

Why are the dogs not showing up on zombie mode black ops?

They only appear on kino der toten and if you are on that map then they come every 6 rounds

What level does it take to beat kino der toten?

Zombie mode can never be beaten. New levels and more zombies continue to come until you die. Zombies (also and originally known as Nazi Zombies) is a survival-type game mode. All the different maps have this feature that they are a survival-type game than can not be beaten

Where is the theatre on Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie mode?

The theater is in the level "Kino Der Toten." You have to go through a series of doors to get there. They have a video of how to get there on YouTube.

What is the best stratgie for black ops zombies?

First it is best that you know the Zombies mode and the different strategies being used. The correct strategy will change as you change levels. The Zombie made related link is a good start to you being able to learn the different strategies involvedLinks have also been added for the Black Ops zombie Maps Five and Kino Der Toten

What are all the locations you fight on cod black ops zombies?

One map is called kino der toten and u play in a theatre, the next is Five the pentagon, and last is a new type of zombie mode called dead ops arcade, but you'll have to get the game and play it to find out

Is there an ending to black ops zombies kino der toten?

Zombies never ends except for in the arcade.hope this helped everyone!!=)

What is the god mode glitch for kino der toten xbox 360?

its a cheat. You never go down or die