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you gut some

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Q: How do you get gamerpoints in xbox for free?
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Can you use Xbox 369 gamerpoints to buy Xbox live?

No. (360)

If you upgrade your regular Xbox profile to an Xbox LIVE account will you lose all of your gamerpoints that you have earned?

No, you will not. All gamerpoints earned will stay the same. No matter if you were offline or online its on the profile.

What do you do with Xbox gamerpoints?

nothing there gust thing to collect like stamps

How do you get a map pack for Halo 3?

Most map packs are 800 Gamerpoints and need to be purchased via XBOX LIVE. Sometimes, there are discs out there for sale, but I highly doubt there are any for Halo 3. There used to be for Halo 2 though. Bottom line: Purchase from XBOX LIVE for 800 Gamerpoints. (Except Cold Storage, that one is free!!!!)

When you change your gamertag on xbox do you lose all your gamerpoints?

No, the only thing that'll change is your gamertag.

Do you start off with any gamerpoints on Xbox live?

No you do not. When you register a gametag with xbox live the gamertag is given a 1 month gold membership, but no points.

I was logged into your roomates xbox account and just put 12 hours into Fallout 3 Can you get the Gamerpoints back onto your account?

Unfortunately, gamerpoints can't be transferred from one account to another, even if you move the save file.

Can you get Xbox live with gamerpoints?

No, you have to either buy by credit card from your console, over the Microsoft website, or buy it in a store, ebgames, GAME and K-Mart are your best bet.

What are g for on xbox live?

it means gamerscore acquired by doing certain challenges on xbox 360 called achievements

What is the easiest game for achievements for xbox 360?

avatar: legend of angg the burning earth. seriously it takes about two minutes for 1000 gamerpoints :)

Are there achievements on halo2?

of course not. Halo 2 was made for the ORIGINAL XBOX system. therefore, they didn't implement achievements. there are NO achievements for original xbox games. you cannot get gamerpoints for playin original xbox games. although halo2 is fun anyways.

How much does 800 gamerpoints cost on xbox 360?

well, if 2100 Microsoft points costs about £20 then 800 would cost around £8.