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You can't. When you first hit LOG IN, that's the closest you can get.

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Q: How do you get fullscreen on Webkinz?
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How do you get DDtank to go on fullscreen?

I think it can't be turned to fullscreen mode.

What does the fullscreen cheat on mars mission do?

fullscreen gives you wider range of the nukes

Icy tower in fullscreen?

click on Options,then GFX options.Click on fullscreen-YES.

How do you fullscreen new in town game?

there is no fullscreen option on the game, but you can play whituot facebook column on Digital Chocolats website, and aqctivate the browsers fullscreen ( F11)

What is the website for fullscreen on transformice the game?

You can just click the fullscreen button above the Menu button. Cheers.

How do you fullscreen YouTube videos?

You can double click the video or press the button that has the fullscreen image on the bottom right

How many screen modes are in Adobe Photoshop?

3, Normal, Fullscreen with menu bar and Fullscreen mode.

Is roblox in fullscreen?

When you are playing a game, go to the options menu and press the box next to fullscreen mode

When insaniquarium deluxe is on fullscreen mode how you can use cheat engine 5.4 when insaniquarium deluxe is on fullscreen mode?

Go to options, click "Fullscreen." You should exit out of full screen. Now you can use cheat engine

How do you change fullscreen in sgh E250 for videos?

on #

What website can you play to get transformice full-screen?

You can now play on fullscreen by downloading the standalone version or by simply clicking the fullscreen button while playing.

How do you make fullscreen in gta san Andreas when it is not fullscreen in PC?

just press f11 or go to options>display setup>advanced> and change the resolution