How do you get free xats on xat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: How do you get free xats on xat?
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How do you get xat points?

You can get "Xats" by registering, subscribing, and buying them on the Xat site. Click on the HOME tab, then click BUY XATS. Once there, you can select from three different purchase options - PayByCash, Credit Card, and by Phone.

How do you wear a hat in xat chat?

You buy the hat power from the store which costs 100 xats.

How do you get free xats?

You have to pay to get Xats.

How do you you make a status on xat?

You need to have status power which costs 400 xats. Then press $status=(message)

How do you get xats?

To get xats for your Xat account, you must be a registered user. Register or login to your account. Then click buy xats or anything similar. There you can choose how much you want to buy and how you want to pay. There are several ways to pay such as Paypal, Credit Card, or PayByCash. If you scroll down you may see a field where you can enter an Ultimate Game Card PIN and redeem it for xats.

How do you get free xats and days?

You have to pay for Xats. You have to wait for days. You can't cheat the system, it's theft.

When you subscribe to Xat is it free?

No, you have to pay to subscribe. However, xat has provided trialpay offers to make it free.

How do you get a lot of xats?

You get a lot of xats by purchasing them, ask your friends, or trade a lot.

On xat how do you kick except if your a mod or owner?

You can't. Moderators and Owners are the only one with the power to establish any order in the chat. Well, you could buy superkick in store for 150 xats. Superkick allows a member to kick any banned guests.

What are some free chat rooms that are not topix or students of the world or blogcritics?

XAT chat

How can you use people to use your xat chat box?

easy/you give that person on your xat chat box your xat's password then they will insert it on edit then click xat settings then they will be main owner and they can help controle you xat ;-)

What does the xat subscription do?

When you Subscribe to xat it allows you to get powers,xats and days. Powers will only work if you have days.You automatically get days due to the amount of days you have been Subscribed for so if you have been subscribed for 1 day you will get 1 day,2 days =2 days, 3 days = 3 days etc. If you want to subscribe right now go to