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You get money when you play games and frame points and rates on looks and movies.

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buy sum ;D

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Q: How do you get free money on Movie Star Planet?
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How can you get lots of money in Movie Star Planet?

yes go on msp money make free download

Is Movie Star Planet Virus free?

It is not virus free.

Does movie star planet give you viruses?

Movie Star Planet shouldn't give you viruses if you install it correctly. So enjoy playing Movie Star Planet; VIRUS FREE!

Is Movie Star Planet a free game or money game?

no, moviestarplanet is free. but if u want to be VIP you have to pay. Hope i anwered your question

Is the Movie Star Planet app free?

Yes, it's free.

How do you get free pets on Movie Star Planet and where does it say pets?

You get star coins :I

How do you get to be a free vip on Movie Star Planet?

you get a gift certificate

How do you download Movie Star Planet hacker 4 free?


How do you get free vip in movie star planet?

win a contest

How do you got a free pet on Movie Star Planet?

you dont

How do people get free stuff on Movie Star Planet?

On movie star planet, they get free stuff by entering a code were it says "Settings" and then shopping and they just leave. After that, you look into there clothes and there it is. If you want the code, ad me. My name on movie star planet is "prettykittykarely". If you want that code, add me. I'll tell you.

How do you become a vip on Movie Star Planet for free without any emails?

dear movie star planet i really want to be a vip because poepel like to tease me on movie star planet can you plz make me into a vip plz