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You have to buy a game card for membership in order to get free membership

That you can go to and go to rewards and get a 1 month membership.

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Q: How do you get free membership on toon town?
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Is there toon town membership card?


Does toon town cost anything?

if you download it's free but if you sign up it's still free but if you get membership it's with money

Is toon town free?

Yes, you can play Toon Town for free, but you have to install it first.

How do you get free jellybeans on toon town?

To get free jellybeans you have to do minigames, missions or quests, and ect.

How do you get a free Toon Town membership?

The company name is go. When you access their website you will be able to join for free from that screen. It looks like the sort of website that your parents will need to see what happens next. PS: Free Realms is so much better!

Is toon town safe?

yes toon town is safe

Where does Roger Rabbit live?

"Toon Town" .

Does nat have a toon in toon town?


In toon town how do you be friends to a cog?

i play toon town and... U DONT

Is toon town fun?

It is a matter of ones own opinion whether or not Toon Town is fun. However, most say Toon Town is a fun game.

On Toontown how do you get lure or drop Without Membership?

Sorry, but you simply cannot get anything besides Toon-Up or Sound, depending on which gag you chose, while you are a free to play toon. However, if you get membership, you can get all but one gag in toontown. You can only have a total amount of three gags in toontown without membership. With membership, you can only have a total of six gags out of the seven. :)

Can you play toon town without signing in?

not unless your password and username is saved on toon town