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Are you some kind of hacker? Pay for you're games like the rest of us!

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Q: How do you get free games on the Wii?
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Do Wii games come with any free Wii points?


How do you copy and paste Wii games to the Wii menu for free?


Are there free games on Wii shop?

yes their is, you go on wii channel and it says free gamesI am another person what is the wii channel

What Wii ware games are free?


how do i get free games on the wii?

you should get rid of it :)

Can you play free online games on a DSi like you can on the Nintindo Wii because I had done it on the Wii before?

you can play some games but if you can play it on the wii you can probaly play it on the dsi

What game do you get when you buy a new Wii?

You get the game Wii Sports with the Wii. It's 2011 so You Also Get Wii Sports Resort. 2 GAMES FOR FREE!

Can you download free Wii games off the internet?

you have to jailbreak it first i think, but you can download them off the wii channel on the wii! hope i helped

Do PAL Wii games work on any Wii console?

PAL games will only work on a European wii, as the wii is coded to send PAL signals, or you need to modify a Japanese, North American, or other wii to become region free.

Where can you download Wii games on the Internet for free? you can download it from

Where could one earn free Wii points?

One can earn free Wii points by registering their Wii games and products online. One can also get them by linking Wii shopping channel to one's Nintendo Club account.

Is there a Wii newsletter that can be read on the Wii message board?

If you download the Nintendo Channel (free), you have the option to be sent messages when new games come out for Wii or WiiWare