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But with no download...! I believe there's only one way, and that way is to have a glitch happen like say you have 10 ninja kiwi coins by getting some with the wheel of fate. then you add to of then to cart that cost 10 ninja kiwi coins each and then checkout and the next day you might get some if it says -10 or mines 10 ninja kiwi coins where it says your coins well NOW the next day after you done that again you should get allot of coins because that's what happened to me and i came up with... about... 2,02020 i think that's how much i had on my memory and my memory's good but usually i get on memory 1 or 2 numbers wrongs maybe you only get 2,020 instead.

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Q: How do you get free coins on ninja kiwi?
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How can you get ninja kiwi coins?

By playing with your face!

How do you get free ninja kiwi coins?

Currently, the NK Coin system seems to be down, but when it's back up, NK Coins can be obtained at ninjakiwi and on the Wheel of Fate.

How do you get money for free at ninja kiwi?

you can't

Is ninja kiwi free from computer bugs?


What do ninja kiwi coins do?

You buy them using a credit card and you can use them to buy upgrades that you can't unlock for free on games like BTD5.

What can you do with Ninja Kiwi game coins?

You can buy in game items, such as in SAS Assault Multiplayer, where you are able to use ninja kiwi game coins to buy yourself better weapons to have a better chance of survival. This is only one example out of the many available.

How do you get easy ninja kiwi coins for games such as Bloons tower Defense 5?

Just play any of the extreme levels when you win the coins are awarded to you

Is ninja kiwi a kiwi eating monkey?

noAh, what great education people have these days. And, to elaborate, a Kiwi is actually a type of BIRD. Ninja Kiwi is a BIRD ninja, and it has nothing to do with monkies what-so-ever. -Source:

What is ninja kiwi's email address?

Ninja kiwi's support email address is

What is ninja kiwi?

Ninja Kiwi is a website with games like bloons tower defense 1,2,3,4 and 5, meeblings..........

Who made bloons tower defense 3?

Mochigames NinjaKiwi is part of mochi games as like a developer

Is there a bloonstowerdefense4?

yes its on ninja kiwi its AWESOME!!!!!