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You can't, sadly.

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Q: How do you get free chat in fusion fall?
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Is fusion fall free in April?

No. Fusion fall is never free and is not very fun!:(

Why does this free chat and my buddies keep going away on fusion fall?

Maybe your a loser ok but seriously you might need a new account

How much is fusion fall?

It is free

How do you get unlimeted access on fusion fall?

fusion fall is now 100% free. you now have complete access

Will Fusion Fall remain free after the official launch?


Do you have to pay to play fusion fall?

There is a free trial for Fusion Fall, and that lets you explore a small part of the game at first. You can also become a subscriber to Fusion Fall and unlock the whole game.

What day is fusion fall free?


Is Cartoon Network fusion fall free to play?


What is Cartoon Network fusion fall about?

Fusion fall is a online game from cartoon network, you have to down load the game and it is now free to play.

What consoles will Fusion fall be on?

your crazy fusion is only online it said in the trailerand its a free game for kids

How do you get ulimited access in fusion fall?

Fusion fall as of may 19 2010 has stopped being a required payment game and now it is all free.

Is fusion fall free now?

no its not free,but toy can get a membership card at a store and get a month of free play.