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When u 1st start the game, u haf 2 resq a foal from somthin and l8er on, u find a pregnant horse and she gives birth to a foal

On the other side of the main barn at the ranch, there is door opposite the pasture, enter the door then follow the instructions. You can groom your foal for it to grow up...

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Q: How do you get foals on petz horse club?
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Do the orphan foals ever grow up on petz horse club?


How do you get adonis on the game as the sixth horseon petz horse club?

This answer is no longer avaliable.

Where is the bonus mode on petz horse club?

it's near the horse stable next to the saddle pad where you equip your horse

PC petz horse club the foal Carmel and Oscar do they grow up?

No they don't

Where are the plants on the mountain petz horse club?

You know where they are, because there are big yellow arrows above them.

Do you get new objectives to do after you beat bonus mode in petz horse club?

dont think so

Do you ever see beauty again in petz horse club?

No, she died while giving birth.


No, you can't. Only on the PC game and PS3 I think you can.

Is there a wild foal in each herd in petz horse club?

No there is only one wild foal in the game.

Where is the breeding barn on petz horse club for wii?

You can't breed on petz horse club it was not added to the wii version I learned that in a review on but I don't know why it wasn't added when in other types of versions like PC it was added maybe someone will call the company and ask why

Can you breed horses on petz horses club for Wii?

yes you can. you have to have a boy and girl horse first(duh) You go to the back of the one barn o the door and i think it says breeding barn or something... then the baby horsie just appears in a stall and you name it and take care of it. <333L Your thinking of petz horses 2 not petz horse club cuz i have tried that and it didn't work. -- Yeah, s/he was totally thinking of a different game. Sorry, but no, you cannot breed horses on Petz Horse Club for Wii. The closest I've ever gotten is seeing wild foals pop up out of the blue, but otherwise, no.

Are there foals besides horse foals?

There are zebra foals and pony foals, so yes.