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If you have sims 3 world adventures:

I found something soo cool! You travel to France, buy the kenspa in the general store, travel home, buy a bike rack and place the kenspa on the bike rack. Then use the eyedropper tool in buy mode and click on the kenspa, u should see all of the fish spawners and should be able to get the flame fruit plant in the fruit section.

If you don't have it then it should be in the garden of one of the houses in the neighbourhood, hope this helped!

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Q: How do you get flame fruit on Sims 3?
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Where do you find flame fruit in sims 3?

You can get in the tomb of the burning sands, in Eygpt

How do you get flame fruit in Sims 3?

In sunset valley: Visit the papyrus memorial library and go into the bathroom make sure your sim is a kleptomaniac or you cant get your fruit now tell your sim to wipe something and go home, the fruit will apear in your inventory

Can you grow plasam fruit on sims 3 late night?

You can grow plasma fruit with the Sims 3 Late Night expansion, but only when your Sim has reached a Gardening skill level of 7.

When was Flame-breasted Fruit Dove created?

Flame-breasted Fruit Dove was created in 1880.

How do you get a life fruit in sims3?

It is one of the four special plants in the Sims 3. You can get special plants by picking up the special unknown seeds in town. The four special plants are Life Fruit trees, Death Flower (you can find an example of this in the graveyard) Flame Fruit and Omni Plant. The Life Fruit has many qualities, an example of which it gives your sim an extra day to live.

How do you cure a mummy's curse on sims 3?

You should eat abrosima or fruit or go to egypt

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You need the Seasons expansion pack to get fruit trees.

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