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you cant. there isnt any flint and steel, or lava wont set anything on fire

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Q: How do you get fire in mincraft pocket edition lite?
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How do you get a furnace in minecraft pocket lite pocket edition?

You need the full version

What is Minecraft PE Lite?

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Lite is the free version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, available in many app stores like Apple's AppStore and Google Play.

Is minecraft pocket edition lite on android?

Yes, it's available

How do you make a world on mine craft pocket edition lite?

you can't

Do you need to pay for Minecraft?

There is a lite version for the pocket edition, but other than that you have to pay.

What is Minecraft pe?

minecraft: Pocket Edition Lite is the free version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, available in many app stores like Apple's AppStore and Google Play.

How do you get all items in mine craft pocket edition on I pod?

get full version if it's lite

How do you get skins in minecraft pocket edition lite?

I am very sorry to report that in the latest version of Minecraft pocket Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite skins are unavailable as are mods. However the Mojang team is planning to add both features in later updates of the games though possibly not the lite. I hope my answer helped. Oot:)

What is the best Minecraft app to get?

For iphones and ipads and ipods you can try minecraft pocket edition lite or you can get minecraft pocket edition for $7.49 i think. If u want crafting quides i recommend minecraft explorer pro or lite, the pro bersion is $1.19, i hope this helped.

Are there monsters in minecraft pocket edition lite creative mode?

Yes, there's monsters in Minecraft P.E. creative mode.

Can you make stuff in pocket edition lite on iPad in minecraft?

Of course, that's kind of the whole point of Minecraft. ;)You can built a variety of things in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft even known there's not as much resources as in Minecraft for PC and Xbox Edition. I hope this helped!

Why you can't sleep on minecraft pocket edition lite?

Becuse it's at the version 0.2.0 beds were added at 0.4.0 it will never be updated so there's your answer.