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There really isn't a quick way to get to level 100 fast without cheating. The best way would be to re-battle gym leaders and the elite four, along with wild pokemon. Sorry, you'll just have to be patient.

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Q: How do you get every Pokemon to level 100 fast on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you level up fast in emerald?

To get a Pokemon level up quickly is to have a Pokemon hold exp. Share and then just battle a bunch of trainers or wild Pokemon.

How do you level your Pokemon up fast on Emerald?

After you beat the elite 4 you can battle wally at the end of victory road after you beat him exit then enter and his Pokemon will be stronger

How do you get all the pokemon in pokemon emerald really fast?

By trading, catching, and raising pokemon. It will take some time.

What do you do to make Pokemon in the daycare center grow fast in Pokemon emerald?

Before putting a Pokemon into the daycare check its EXP in the summary ( example :: A Pokemon has 200 exp to get to the next level you would have to take 200 steps for it to level up.) I suggest getting on your bike and cycling up and down the cycling road for a while.

How fast can your Pokémon level on Pokémon emerald?

There isn't really a specific time to how fast your Pokemon level up. The younger the Pokemon(smaller the level) the faster they level up. also battles the Pokemon is in give it more experience. so if you wanted to level up a oddish and you gave it exp. share it would get less experience than if it was the first in the party/ battled the enemy Pokemon itself. If you trade what you want to train to a friend and give the Pokemon a lucky egg it well level up really quickly, only a few hours to wait and it will be level 100 in no time.

How fast does a Pokemon level up in daycare in LeafGreen version?

for every step u take it gives like 2xp

How do you get stronger Pokémon fast in Pokémon emerald?

Take 2 Pokemon that you want leveled up and bring them to the day care. walk around alot every step u take is 1 exp. point for your Pokemon

How can you make your Pokemon level fast in Pokemon UnovaRPG?

Mii Channel

How do you level up youre Pokemon fast on Pokemon black?


How do you get your Pokemon to level up fast on Pokemon sapphire?

try rare candies

How do you level fast on Pokemon sapphire?

Pokemon day care or put exp.share on a weak Pokemon

How do you fast forward on Pokemon emerald emulator ROM?

If you have the VBA emulator then you must press 1 and do what you want