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nothing ok

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Q: How do you get elephants on pivot stick figure animator without making it yourself?
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How do you get batman stick figures for pivot stick figure animator?

You make it yourself.

What is the website to play stick figure animator called?

*pivot is not a game on a must download it. *if you want to download it, go on and type in pivot stick figure animator.

Is there anyone who is willing to reprogram Pivot Stick figure animator for me?


How do you download pivot stick figure animator?

you are so gay

How do you put words on pivot stick figure animator?

you draw them

How can you get a background for pivot stick figure animator that flashes?

go to ""

How do you transfer images to pivot stick figure animator?

pway more

Where can you play animator vs animation there are only videos?

'Animator vs. Animation' is a cartoon about an animated stick figure who wreaks havoc on a computer screen and defies the animator's power over it. It is not a game, just a cartoon.

How do you upload pictures for pivot stick figure animator?

you need to get pivot 3.0 to do this

Pivot stick figure animator 3.5 dowload?

3.5 isn't out...yet.

Stuff for pivot?

If you want stuff for pivot stick figure animator, go on

What is the video with the stick figure fighting the computer mouse?

Animator vs Animation (2)